Astrophoto DSLR camera control

There had been log time since my last post, and even more since my last post in english, but a friend of mine, complained and told me he was going to report my blog for low accessibility for international readers, so here I am, succumbing under the masses pressure... (Thanks Miro :P)

I've recently published the source code for a tool I was developing some time ago to control my DSLR camera using a Raspberry Pi Zero.

The main problem I had was I bought a Canon 4000D, and that camera does not have an intervalometer DSLR port, so, to take timelapses or do multiple long exposure takes for astrophotography I needed an alternative.

After some investigation and suggestions by Victor R. Ruiz I decided to develop some basic scripts using gphoto2, but I needed the camera control to be more user friendly.

I finally developed AstroCamWeb. A very lightweight web application that enables you to control basic parameters of your DSLR camera from any browser and do timelapses in a very simple way.

Here you have a capture of the main screen:

AstroCamWeb capture

The source code is in a repository at GitLab.

Hope it can help anyone there. If you want any new feature please send an issue and I will study if it is interesting and have enough time to work on it. Anyway, patches are most welcome.